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Program Evaluation and Strategic Planning

Evaluation and strategy are well established terms in any setting that has a purpose and a goal. To me, it’s not much different than the nursing process that has guided my practice in all settings for the past 20 years.

Health related service and program evaluation involves collecting, analyzing information about the effectiveness and efficiency of programs as well as finding areas for improvement. The assessment phase of the nursing process includes determining the needs and strengths of a program or service.

As a nurse, I am most interested in the perspectives of those using services and participating in programs. I want to know the meanings underlying the experiences with programs and the reasons for seeking a service.

Strategic planning starts with setting goals based on the information gained during program evaluation (or an in depth evaluation of an idea for a program or service). From there decisions can be made for allocating resources toward achieving the goals. Actions are then determined and resources are mobilized to execute the plan. Evaluation is ongoing as goals are achieved or adjusted.

The diagnosis phase of the nursing process identifies actual or potential health problems or conditions as defined by the patient or community and describes the actual or potential responses to health problems or life processes. Once a nursing diagnoses has been made, measurable outcomes can be identified and the planning phase begins toward achieving outcome-related goals. The implementation phase utilizes specific interventions for assisting the patient, family or community in realizing the desired outcomes and evaluation takes place during each phase.

The nursing process is easily adapted to program and service development for health-related and health-promoting businesses. Your business, your community, your individual clients and you as an individual can be the focus and the recipient of a caring process associated with one of the most trusted professions as we work for your success in promoting and improving all aspects of health and wellness.

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