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Professional Writing

Professional writing for health and social services involves many considerations. It can be helpful to hire an outside consultant who can approach the topic with a fresh, objective viewpoint.

A healthcare practice may want to publish a brochure or create patient education material. An organization may need to develop staff education modules to ensure that regulations are being followed for quality assurance. Newsletters can keep consumers engaged and informed about products and services that can improve their health and quality of life.

Any writing aimed at reaching your clients’ needs to reflect you, your organization and the people who are a part of it. In order to achieve that, it’s essential to take the time to prepare for a project in a way that is personal and tailored to your business and your intended audience.

I use, as with almost all of my professional work, the nursing process.

Lupine Creative Consulting, Inc. will meet with you to gather info about your topic, your practice or service, the people who are a part of it and the people you are hoping to reach with your message (Assessment). We will use that information to explore the reasons for choosing the particular topic, how it relates to the success of your program or service, what it means to the people who are a part of your organization and how the topic is currently affecting the intended audience (Diagnosis). From there we work with you to determine how do you want your info to affect your intended audience (outcomes), how can we be sure that the message is being received the way you intended (measurement), your preferences for aesthetics, tone and reading level among other considerations and how the message compares to any applicable national guidelines (Planning). Then we write it and review it with you as many times as necessary, using our collective experience, knowledge, skill and understanding of health, health conditions, social and behavioral theories of health behavior and health education until the finished work conveys the message that you want to send (Implementation). That does not, however, conclude the work for you. We will then review the targeted outcomes and either make revisions or keep the work as it is and provide you with a summary of your impact on your clients with your message (Evaluation).

Whether it’s a newsletter, educational curriculum, brief heath teaching intervention, brochure or poster, if it’s meant to reach people for the purpose of improving or maintaining health and wellness, the nursing process can be applied and you can make a difference!

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