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This is a great word! It's fun to say with a refreshingly simplistic meaning. Literally, a friendly acknowledgment of the origin.

Salut (expression of friendly acknowledgement) - o (genitive grammatical case "of") - genesis (the origin).

I studied Latin briefly in high school and then as two elective courses in college. I loved it and never regretted it, especially working in healthcare where so many words are actually entire Latin phrases to describe something.

Salutogenesis is a term actually coined by American-Israeli medical sociologist, Aaron Antonovsky in the 1980's to describe the idea of focusing on individual resources (internal and external) and capacity to create health rather than the more traditional mindset of eliminating illness and disease. This is a very simplified description and I encourage anyone to read the article cited at the end of this post.

It has been said that salutogenesis as a healthcare movement could contribute to some of today's most urgent public health problems. It is an inherently interdisciplinary approach that relies on comprehension of meaning in addition to hard facts.

Makes perfect sense to me! Lupine is grounded in this concept and as a nurse, it's a thought process I've lived and breathed throughout my career. There are many parallels that can be drawn on this topic so this is likely to be one on many posts with a salutogenesis theme!

Lindstrom, B., Eriksson, M. (2005). Salutogenesis. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 59, 440-442.

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