Our Services

We will help your business or organization develop new programs and services, or improve existing programs and services to meet the specific health needs of the community you serve while supporting organizational and workforce sustainability.


We integrate a qualitative research approach into other evidence-based frameworks to understand the health-related needs, perceptions and behaviors of individuals, families and groups as they relate to available programs, services and resources in the community.


This personalized approach enhances communication and strengthens the relationship between organizations and the communities supporting them.


In addition to structured, widely established planning, evaluation and policy development frameworks such as RE-AIM and the CDC Framework for Program Evaluation, we use ethnographic, participatory action research methods to gain insight into the unique attributes, perceptions and values that are most prominent among your community and organizational culture.


We incorporate a comprehensive community health and needs assessment into all of our services, specific to the population your organization serves. We will analyze the data collected and provide you with a summary of findings as they relate to your program or service.

Strategic Planning


Lupine will work with your organization to plan and develop new programs or improve existing services.


We will partner with you to determine your target population and how to engage your community, identify desired outcomes and conduct a cost-benefit analysis. We will also help to identify potential negative outcomes and strategies to avoid them.


Throughout the process, we will facilitate workforce development for organizational support, high quality service delivery and long-term engagement. We believe that fostering discovery, empowerment and accountability in team members promotes a healthy and thriving professional environment and commitment to the vision and mission of your organization.

Program Evaluation


We work with our clients to determine the relationship that their programs and services have with all aspects of health specific to the communities they are serving.


Lupine will collaborate with you to develop a tailored program evaluation plan to include examination of your program’s implementation activities and protocols, impact, accountability and cost-effectiveness.


We will analyze data collected through qualitative methods and specific measurement tools and provide you with and interpretation of findings and recommendations.

Professional Writing


Our team has extensive experience with professional writing in healthcare and social sciences. Our services include:


  • Articles


  • Educational Course Content


  • Program Policies


  • Grant Proposals

Professional Consultation

We provide clinical and organizational consultation for practice and policy matters in healthcare settings.

  • Nursing: Scope and standards for practice, code of ethics, organizational policy development, performance evaluation and staff inservices in all areas of nursing practice.


  • Mental Health: Clinical case consultation for child, adolescent and adult behavioral, emotional and psychiatric conditions.